Geared KH36

After too many injuries I am putting this one up for sale:
KH36 frame
Schlumpf hub
Nimbus Stealth rim
Nightrider tyre
Foss tube
Hand built wheel by Kaos Custom Bikes
150mm Moment cranks
Straitline pedals
UDC carbon fibre seatbase
Custom handle and seatpost
Excellent condition
$1500 complete
I am willing to sell just the wheel - make an offer

I am in Melbourne, Australia

It looks like this:

Hey Matt

I am interested. I’ll call you tomorrow.

Cheers. Tim

I have an offer for the hub. If anyone else would like to buy some 36’er parts hit me up.

I’m very interested, what would you take for everything beside the hub?

Also how much is shipping to the USA, and with that handle welded on what is the minimum inseam that can ride it?

I imported a 36" tyre from the US which cost me $100 in shipping. I expect the rest of the parts would not cost much extra to ship. Shipping to the US would be more expensive so I would guess around $150 - $200. It would probably work out cheaper for you to buy new parts locally.

PM sent

The complete uni is still for sale if anyone is interested. For me this is the best scenario. It would be a waste to destroy this wheel. Make an offer - I am willing to move a bit on the price.

Hey mate see pm thanks!

PM replied to!