Geared 36er at Charlie Vettiner Park (Kentucky)

(sorry if this post is in the wrong spot)

I was over at Charlie Vettiner park playing disc golf when I saw someone on a 36 " KH with a geared hub. You said your name but I forgot what it was already. I’d assume with that setup you’ll probably be on here.

Was it this guy?

It was me. Sorry I could not stop and talk. I ride as a bodyguard for my wife the runner. I’ve been playing disc golf for 10+ years so I am very fortunate to live so close to a champion caliber course like Charlie Vettiner which was designed by Dave Greenwell and built (in part) by yours truly. Actually you could do me a favor and contact our District 20 Councilman Stuart Benson and the landscape architect Martha Berner with the Metro Parks asking them to go ahead and pass the final draft at CV as it will enhance (parking, facilities, etc…) the disc golf course. Nice drive on #11 by the way. I can’t throw a frisbee that far but my midrange game is strong so I can put up a decent score. I need a caddie for the US Masters later this month. Look me up on the LDCG forum. My username is my name as it is here in RSU.

Speaking of unicycles, I see you sold a 26" Gazzaloddi last year so I assume that you once rode MUni at Cherokee or Waverly park. I also see that you are friends with 2010 Asheville champion Ben King. There are probably others in our area that haven’t bothered to add themselves to the map. Let me know if you need a ride to Asheville. We should definitely get together to ride. You are welcome to borrow the 26" Oracle you see in my albums or I’d imagine you could ride your KH20 as I’m not very fast off-road even on my KH29. But on the road (my primary discipline) or on the Louisville Loop, I go pretty fast. I keep trying to talk Ben into getting a 36er (I sold my loaner) to ride the Mayor’s Hike Bike and Paddle each Labor and Memorial Day. I invite you to do the same.