GB4 Frame

Are these available? Where? How much?


Hi Michael,

I’ve made a few prototypes, but my frames won’t reach production status in the near future. So the answer to your question (for now) is no, they’re not available.

You can see more about them under R&D on my website:



Who is the 11 foot tall person who rides the BG36 pictured in R+D?


Heh, I assume you are talking about this one:

That’s actually a 29er frame, here’s my 36:

It’s the red one your 2nd link points to.

As I look over to my Coker with about 8-10inches between the wheel and seat, yours looks as it may have almost twice that

Well, George is 6’7"…

Notice how he towers over normal size Coker riders on the GURAI.