GB Handle brake mount

I am thinking about buying a Magura Brake for my Coker (GB Frame, Airfoil Rim). I am now using a KH seat, but bought a GB Coker habdel from George when I bought the frame. I know I have to buy a KH Carbon Fibre seat base to mount the handle. But where do I mount the brakes. Do someone have pictures of this, I didn’t find any?


You don’t need a carbon fiber seat base if you use a KH rail adapter with a KH or Viscount base.

As for brakes you can use THIS

wipes drool off keyboard

I did this.

I have also found a shorter brake lever so that the brake lever doesn’t hit the ground when droped. I was going to extend one or both of the handles to protect the brake lever which would work if you can’t use a shorter lever.