Gazzaloddi 26 x 3.0 and WTB 29 x 2.55 Weirwolf tires for sale

Getting rid of extra stuff from MUNI. Both tires are essentially new. See links to e-bay below


Umm, I’d be interested in the used Gazz, but even at the starting price of $17.99, the total cost with shipping is $50!

$32.99 to ship a tire?

I’ll give you $25 for the Gazz shipped to 37830.

PM if interested.

Hmm. It’s under $8 to ship either tire to my address, but I’m only about 600 miles away. That $33 shipping seems off!

I’m hoping to snag the WW, and see if it can hold up on the rocky terrain I ride.

I’m in Tennessee.

$32 for shipping??

Yes, that did sound kinda nuts for shipping a tire. Thanks for letting me know. I revised the shipping from priority mail to parcel post, so it should be just over $10 to TN now. I generally don’t like to end auctions early - even though your offer sounds fair, but I encourage you to bid through ebay - and thanks again for letting me know about the shipping $$ issue.