Gazz 3.0 Tire

The Gazzaloddi 26x3.0 tire with an Intense inner tube weighs in at 4-3/4 Lbs.
When inflated to 29 PSI it measures about 2-3/4" wide. I suppose under a load
and lower inflation pressure the tire will squash out closer to 3". I found the
tire rides well over all sorts of irregular terrain like rocks, roots and logs
quite well. The rotational inertia also helps a rider roll through/over things
with more stability. Its tread is aggressive but packs mud I’ve found. My only
complaint with this tire is its weight. Perhaps with better technique, several
extra pounds won’t matter. I don’t know about others but the quick pulls on the
seat put strain on the fingers, wrist, elbow and shoulder. For me a good MUni
weight is around 12 to 12-1/2 Lbs which doesn’t bother my joints. If you’re okay
with the weight, the 26x3.0 is well made and a good product. With a wide rim it
would take alot of side force to de-rim it. Later.

“The Muniac”