Gayest drop ever......

is the gayest drop in the history of drops having a gender preference, on a unicycle…

Good job, Jackie. That was indeed a sick landing. :slight_smile:

Really cool the way you landed :smiley:


That was amazing! :smiley:

good stuff. Good recovery on the landing, it looked hard like you slid and your foot slipped off.

Wow !!! Damn… well done !!!

Is that not the drop that Dylan Wallinger did in Universe 2? He didn’t land it, so well done.

Exactly what I was thinking.


Bout time I saw this video!

Jackie was telling em all about it when he was over at my house. Was exactly how he described it. Glad someone finally stuck that drop. Why didnt Phil do it?

Yeah its the same drop, Dan even has a cameo in the clip :wink:
I like how Jackie couldn’t really speak clearly afterwards.

Sweet drop. Isn’t that in Moab?

#1 Fan says: YEAH BOI!

phils balls were not with him for all portions of the trip… ya :o

Hahahaha It’s about time I saw this footage!

Phil, you’re going to sleep on the sofa today… :angry:

P.S.: but Jackie, I don’t blame you. You’re waaay hotter than me and I would the same if I was Phil.

wow! thats totally impressive!!

Yeah, I saw that on universe 2 also. How’s the rim after that? It also must have hurt but I liked the controlled landing, the slope helped a lot…