Garage Sale: new KH seat, new moments, seat post, gloves, pedals, feeler KH20, LX20

Hey guys, I’m not really riding as much as I used to and need the cash. Found a bunch of stuff laying around. I’ll ship anywhere, shipping cost is on you though. I’m located in Chicago. Payment through PayPal.

First item- KH Fusion Freeride Blue Saddle. It is new and unused but it is missing a lift handle. $55

KH Moments 137mm. New and never used. $60

FEELER: Kris Holm 20" Trials. Used and beat to hell. This is the release before the reinforced frame, not certain of the year. Wheelset has been kept in okay condition. Kept decently trued throughout the years and no spokes broken. Tire in need of treads, seat cover ripped. Seat base is flexible and not very firm anymore. But it has a cool custom paint job! That’s gotta be worth something. I’ll throw in a set of plastics or wellgo’s with purchase. Make an offer, not sure I want to see it go even if it has potential buyers just because it was my first real uni.

Giro Blaze 2 XL gloves. New. $15. Bought for a motorcycle but I’m sure they would work for unicycling.

Mystery Seat Post. New. $5. No I don’t know the manufacturer. No I don’t know the dimensions. No I don’t know why you would want to buy this.

Koxx 24 Butterfly Pedals (unsealed? sealed? I can’t find anything about these). New and in box. I’m going to assume they’re an earlier generation if they made multiple releases. $45.

Wellgo Pedals. New. They have reflectors on them! Oh boy! Make an offer.

Assorted used pedals. Honestly, the right ones might be worth getting if you’re constantly destroying them. I grind on the left side and obliterate the left pedals frequently. I probably have about half a dozen more right pedals laying around in my garage. The white odysee set, the left pedal has a crack in it but it is still okay for casual riding while the right is completely new. Orange odysee is in solid condition. The eastern plastics I believe are good (pins missing on half of left pedal). They’re very old though. I’ll sell them for super cheap, whatever you feel is fair as long as it’s worth my time to walk across the street to the post office to ship it. If you’re in the market for right pedals then let me know and I can probably find a couple more.

I’ve also got a Torker LX 20" in good condition. It’s got a pretty sweet burgundy frame. I’d be selling it for someone though so consider it also a feeler. No pictures but in good condition. Make an offer as well.

You can reach me here, email at jbognar2 at gmail dot com, or call/text 12247(nine)53927.

Prices reduced.
$45 for the seat.
$50 for the moments.
$10 for the gloves.
Seat post is take it if you want it (you pay the shipping though). Same for the plastics.
Butterfly pedals are $35.
Wellgos and LX 20" are still up for offers.

I am interested in the LX. I can buy one new off ebay for 115.00

Postage paid.

Tell me what you want for it, and I buy it.


Email sent on the saddle.


Saddle- $40
Moments- $50
Gloves- $10
Wellgo Pedals- $10
Butterfly Pedals- $30
LX 20"- $70
KH 20"- $175
Seat post and crap pedals are still yours if you want to pay for shipping and minimal costs for obtaining packaging.

All items do not include shipping.

Fastest contact is through call/text (text preferred because I’m busy with school and work as of lately) at 1. two two four. 795. three nine two seven

BUMP. Update + another price drop.

Saddle, moments, butterfly pedals are all SOLD.

Wellgo Pedals - $5
LX 20" - $60
KH 20" - $165
Seat post and crap pedals are still yours if you want to pay for shipping and minimal costs for obtaining packaging.

All items do not include shipping.

I’m surprised you guys aren’t buying this stuff. I think I’ve listed them pretty cheap. This will probably be the last price drop unless I suddenly find myself homeless and surrounded by unicycles.


the price of the unis are good for sure. The only constrain is being close enough to pick them up as the shipping can get pretty expensive compared to the price asked.

It may help if you try to see how big and heavy would be the packaging so anybody with your zip code can run a simulation on USPS/FexEx/UPS website. :wink:

Also just found rollo disks. $7, free shipping on those.

Just receive some of these parts Jon had for sale. This was a smooth and quick transaction. Thanks again Jon!!!

What is still up for grabs?

I’m not sure what Jon has left, but I purchased the KH seat/cranks and the Koxx pedals. Smooth transaction!!!

Wellgo Pedals - $5
LX 20" - $60
KH 20" - $165
Rollo Disks - $7 (free shipping to US)

And those gloves.