Gapping Help, how to land right?

Hey everyone,
I’ve looked around but haven’t seen any threads about this.

When I gap to the left, (SIF) It seems like every time I land funny. By this I mean, I lose hold of the seat, and it goes flying and I fall towards the way I’m jumping. Would somebody put a tutorial or just some advice, Im really anxious to Improve my gapping abilities. Thank you for any help. Also, you don’t have to be professional to give advice, just tell me what you find comfortable doing.

Thanks to everyone that posts.

What size seat do you have? I had a freeride saddle and I always lost hold of the seat when hopping sif, and then when I got the street freeride(a slimmer saddle) I rarely ever lose hold of the seat.

I have everything your looking at here.

Oh, your pretty much riding the same setup as me, so I don’t know what the problem could be?

What way do you hold the seat? I have my index finger in front of the post, my thumb on top and the rest of my fingers behind the seatpost.

I hold behind the post on jumps and gaps.

Oh, hold right handed, right foot forwards, gap/jump left.

You are exactly the same as me, we jump the same way. But yea you should try holding your index finger in front of the seatpost and see how that works.

By your video, I’d say stick with seat in for now. If you must go SIF, land leaning out of the object. Momentum will carry you through.

But really, the only time SIF is good is for ups. Gapping SI is much more controlled.

Simple fix to the problem, gap seat in.

wait a second,

How many people here, jump up SIF and gap SI.

Would I be the only one?

Nope I jump sif but gap si, it’s alot easier. The only thing I don’t like is taking the the time to switch your stance in between a line.

so it’s not uncommon

I practice both, though my SIF static gap is greater, but my roling SI sideways gap is longer. I always do SI for natural gaps.

What does SIF, SI, and UPD mean?

Seat in Front (holding the seat in front of you), Seat in (like when riding normally), and un-planned dismount, I think a crash doesn’t count as a UPD.

sex is fun, seat in and unplanded dismount

I feel like naturally you should be able to gap further SIF. However, I have a little issue with this as well. Gapping SI is much easier because your body stays allighed with the angle that the uni is landing at. When I gap SIF I sometimes loose the uni on the landing, which isn’t pretty.

I just went to a skate park today and this 100 lbs. metal grate fell on my toes.

I had to get four shots to drain the blood. The x-rays showed no fracture. Apart from a small small crack on the side of my big toe. I mean after all that, no broken bones :angry: :angry: :angry:

I find that SIF gapping is still the best for drops but I do a 90 degree twist to avoid any issues. I also prefer to gap SIF generaly unless its really huge. I just enjoy SIF more than SI.