Game - Stack it Up - No Rolls

I’ll try to back it up now.

Me too );

I added a crankflip.

Can we please get a slo-mo of the underflip? I really can’t see the no footer :roll_eyes:

Yeah, it’s hard to see. Here’s slow motion:

added a fulloutspin!

I added a hickdouble. Added Late hickbackflip

The underflip is well very hard to notice. I did my best and got them visible about 50% of the time, but was unlucky when the other tricks went well. I felt the kick, but its up to you to decide if it counts :wink: But hey, im doing my best to continue the game at least :roll_eyes:

Hmmm It’s hard to tell… haha :roll_eyes:
I don’t really care for this one, but for the next one, can we say that it has to be clear? I think if you can hear it, it’s an underflip. Otherwise it’s just a lateback.

Sure :wink: Ill work on my underflips meanwhile. I just cant understand why its so hard for me. I can seperate the movement on overflip so easily from lateflip and get consistant on those, but its just so damn hard to not do the latebackflip movement instead of underflip x)

Yeah, I find it very hard to get my back foot off of the pedal. I always end up doing latebackflips.

Hmmm, I can’t late backflip, that must be why I can underflip so well! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah i guess its easier if your dominant foot is the back foot as well :slight_smile:

This is true :slight_smile:

I tried learning late hickbacks but they are hard! :frowning: I also ended up breaking my handle, so I’ll try again once I put a new one on!