Game - Stack it Up - No Rolls

So i thought this would be a good game to play for people who either don’t like rolls or can’t do them that well. It works the same way as the other stack it up game. Basically sets a trick that is of a unispin/flip/bodyvarial/sidejump ( obviously not rolls) and then someone else adds onto it etc. I think this will be a good game to practise consistantcy too.

Who wants in? who wants to start?

I’ll play. I can film a trick in the morning or someone else can do it before me if they want. It’ll probably be a hickflip :slight_smile:

sweet :slight_smile: so then someone will just add on another trick after you’ve set it? that correct? and then it just keeps going like that. think that’s right. haha.

I hate rolls! I’m joining. And I’ll start if Julia doesn’t.

Ok, here we go. Yeah Tirryn, just keep adding tricks in a line :slight_smile:

Can you add a trick before too ?

Added a 3spin.

Awwwwwwwww, I thought this was the combo stack it up, and went to film a 3spin - hickflip… hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

c’mon guys i want to do a loooong line :wink:


mooooooreeeeeee :smiley: ^^


I’ll def film something when my exams finish (which are a few days away) probaly sunday i will. :slight_smile:

Added an underflip, uploading now :slight_smile:

Here :

how do you do the underflip? looks kinda like a backflip. what’s the difference?

An underflip is a no-footer-backflip. You quickly do a no-footer and then kick the back pedal to make the cranks flip backwards. It is similar to a late backflip but you take your feet off of the pedals.

Ahhk, makes sense. Cheers man :slight_smile:

Someone stack it up! I want to keep playing :smiley:

I can’t underflip or even lateback :frowning:

Well then it’s time to learn! I can’t lateback either, I find underflips easier!