Game changer - 36er CARBON wheel!

Yes you are right, it won’t make one iota of difference to you building the wheel.

Florian’s drawing and dimensioning is correct and he does actually say that dimensions C and D are to the outside of the flanges. Anyhow, it is just the engineer in me manifesting itself… :wink:

Anyhow, I am quite impressed that LightBicycle will angle the holes correctly based on your requirements, that is really quite good.


I defer respect to the inventor / and engineers any day of the week. I’m probably being a touch salty given the issues and mistakes made with the first early batch of hubs where the stated dimensions didn’t match reality. But that’s water under the bridge.

And this is all taking the topic way off where it should be.

Yes I think LB offer a ton of small customisation that make for a nice sense of it being focused on being the best.


Going back to a question about people’s Braus rims.

Have people here built with this spoke head washers or no?


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No washer for me

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36" rim has been ordered and I was quoted 15-20 to complete my order (including 26" rim) plus 2 weeks for delivery. Not bad.

I was having second thoughts earlier on - but now I’m happy to be in the mix as an early adopter and I have a good feeling about this rim.

I really like my Braus rim but I learned it should have been built with spoke washers behind nipples and the spoke tension ratios on a 100mm are 100%/45% - whereas with this 36hole 36" rim on my 125mm hub I’ll get 100%/63%

A symmetrical 36" wheel using the Braus for light non-geared riding will be epic.

The next few months will be unicycle upheaval - but I’m telling myself it is worth it!

(please tyres don’t blow off the rim!)


They are testing the tire we’d be using in the rim on so that’s a big improvement. I’ve bought from LB in the past, and the experience and quality was really good. Not sure how it will perform in real world conditions, but from the post you guys have made about them doing the testing versus Nextie I’m cautiously optimistic for you!


Me too!

And there are some key reasons why beyond LB’s professional and transparent approach to testing - I mean they showed at what point it failed an impact

  1. Its asymmetrical design will be great for inboard disc hubs
  2. It is a 28i/30i rim - narrower than the Nextie and more in line with the Braus
  3. They’ve tweaked the BSD from the spec of 787 to 789 which means it will likely hold on to tyres that are slightly too flexy in their bead
  4. Its their Pro line rim mold and layer up
  5. They offer custom hub hole drilling angles
  6. It has a hook
  7. They actively listened to unicyclists and this rim will be highlighted as a unicyclist’s rim (I think)

Look at that design again… tasty! :drooling_face:

FYI its ERD is 755 (which I will confirm when I get with ERD sticks and Sapim Double Square nipples!)


Laser engraving design is spot on and they did it off a basic photo I sent of what I wanted :star_struck:


Which spokes do you plan to use? Did you find anything else than plain gauge spokes in these sizes?

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Don’t think there are any other types of spokes for this length needed for a 36er but I had it confirmed from Nancy so long as we don’t exceed 2.0 spoke size (straight gauge) that is safe to use on this rim.

Good thing, considering we have no choice here.

My rim is at the drilling stage. So it should be fairly soon after that we get a photo of how it looks with laser engraving done :sunglasses:


It’s going to be headline news at LightBicycle any day now. This shows but no links or pages on it yet.

(Silly as it sounds, but I’m feeling like I’m part of a big product release here - should ship in the next week or two!)


Ah yes beautiful first page! Shame on me for not being on this project :smiling_face_with_tear:

But I look forward to your feedbacks.


Same feeling here. It’s great being part of a project and seeing it become real at one point :heart_eyes:


Quickly back to the Braus - those that have built this rim up - have you ever measured its ERD or gone with the quoted one of 751?

I’m toying with measuring it myself with some custom ERD sticks but there’s also part of me that wonders if just using the manufacturer’s 751 is all I need worry about.

For a symmetrical build with washers I’m seeing spoke lengths with the 32h hub from (:pray:) comes out at 367mm.

It’s starting to show up on its own listing page and I see my rim is “In Place” - so it should be shipping soon

Hope the listing’s max 50psi is an error as the video showed it go up to 65.

I won’t run 65 but wouldn’t mind feeling I had head room if I run it at 50 or want to use 55

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Update when I queried this:

For lab test, we tested it at 65PSI. Normally, less than 65psi riding is okay.


Does anyone else feel this is a wee bit of a fudge / change of tune - as previously when it was stated it had been tested to 65psi you’d logically assume: rideable at that level, safe at that level, right?

I don’t think I’d only want to have that tested to know it can cope with this upper limit - or that’ll store my wheels for the fun of it at 65psi but never pump it up there when riding.

I feel like some legal / risk minded decisions have come into play here and the max 50psi was listed in case we get blow offs and complain when riding over that.

I’m still personally not concerned re there being actual improvements this rim design wise over the Nextie debacle etc. and I don’t think the Braus even lists a max psi value - but still it seems a shame this wasn’t mentioned prior to parting with the cash :money_with_wings:

The Kind George Ultimate tyre even has 50psi as its max - but the other tyres allow for higher.

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Well you’ve got to bear in mind that this is a brand new product, just developed, for a very niche market, and still very early it its life. They lab tested it to 65 psi and I’d say there is a significant chance no one has ever ridden one of these in a unicycle (or a bike for that matter). So they are just allowing for a little safety margin by saying you’d normally run it less than 65psi. It seems reasonable to me.

I’d say at this stage you are going to be one of the ‘test-pilots’ for this for real-world use – that is either a positive or negative depending on your viewpoint. Either way you probably don’t want to take it to the max on its first outing.


Fair points all round.

I did go into this with a beta tester mind set - for sure.

Still it is being sold not as a trial item right, so there’s a different balance from a trading angle.

I do agree that this is probably just a margin of safety error they’re adding in - and I’ll never run it at 65psi. May even find the NightRider Lite with TPU inner tube works fine at sub 50psi.

We will see…


Here it is :star_struck::gear:

And I have been advised the rim held tyres on for 24hours - no blow offs at 65psi.

Shipping imminently …


Looks good! :100:
We’re somehow in the same boat… I recently ordered the parts to build up a uni. It‘s been shipped but will not be delivered earlier than Tuesday. Sooo hard to keep my impatience in check! I‘m pretty sure you feel the same way about your rim.