G-Uni Updates???

dose aneyone have an idea if there will ever be a $500ish g coker avable cuz i would love one

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crap. wrong button.

to contribute though - I doubt you’ll be seeing a production GUni come in under 500$ for a few years. I do think we’ll get there eventually, but not for a while yet.

I dont think that anyone is making a geared coker or thinking about producing one. You can, however, buy the new KH geared hub when it comes out sometime next year and put that in a coker wheel, or so I am told. That will cost a lot more than 500 dollars though. Even a regular coker with a nice seat and airfoil rim costs more than 500 dollars.

I was thinking about purchasing the schlumpf hub and putting that in a coker wheel, but I decided to wait and go with a nice coker with an airfoil rim instead. A non-geared coker is amazing, and I would recommend buying one and not waiting for a new product (even though it looks like UDC isnt selling cokers anymore).

Both of these are around $500, the Corker and that classic replica 48".

The Shclumph (sp?) I’m sure would be less as it has cotterless cranks.

I’m anctiously awaiting for the KH geared hub. I have spent quite a lot of time debating on a trails guni, 24" or 26" and I still can’t decide. I’m leaning towards a KH trials or 24" though.

Anyone know how much the KH geared hub will be?

The schlumpf may have cotterless cranks, but it’s still 1,144 euros. And you can’t just attach it to any coker frame, because the torque arm from the hub must be bolted to the frame. Because of this, Schlumpf doesn’t sell just the hub all by itself. If they did, the hub itself would probably be around 700-800 euros, plus the cost of the coker stuff, would probably run around 1200-1300 euros.

Good luck on that geared coker. :smiley:

EDIT: oh, and for the same reasons, the geared KH may approach $1000 USD, would be my guess.

KRIS any news about that geared hub of yours??

I emailed Kris about the Guni hubs awhile back, and he said he hopes to get them out by Christmas. It might be longer though. So hold on, it’s worth the wait.

p.s. He’s working on making the shifter stronger/better.

Sorry I had a brain fart on the cost part.:o
Corker: 250 pounds
Schlumpf: 890 pounds

Didn’t know that.

36" is too high up, plus I’m too afraid of a high speed upd (can’t run fast). I’m thinking more 24-29"

Definately possible but I hope not. :thinking: :astonished:

Anyone know if the a crankset will be available separately, and more likely prices?

it’s called a coker.
not a corker.

or a cocker.
or a cooker.
just coker.

just had to rag on that :p.

but to contribute,
they’re really expensive now, and i really WISH they would get less expensive.
they look really fun.

Actually, I think the height is a benifit, it gives you a short moment longer before you hit the ground, and i think that helps you better position yourself to run out, or roll out of a high speed upd. Also, just because you CAN go faster, it doesn’t mean you have to.

the price should be significantly higher than $1k. I think Schlumpf unicycles are currently somewhere between $1400-$1600. I dont imagine a KH could be much cheaper.

I know a schlumpf coker built in the UK cost over $2000. The KH can only cost more than the sclumpf so don’t hold your breath for when it comes out. Epicyclic gearboxes have very high internal forces and thus need to be built of good quality materials to very close tolerances, this costs a heck of a lot of money, and the small batch runs increase cost by meaning the tooling setup cost is split over a smaller number of units. I think the chance of a sub $500 geared coker ever being released is extremley small, hell in the Uk standard cokers cost more than that anyway. You’re only choice is a geared giraffe, GB4 built one with i think a 26" wheel, and a guy called skippi on here has one, I should think theyre similarly fast but more difficult to control.

The KH/Schlumpf ISIS hub will fit other frames (with a minor modification), but of course that will be more expensive than the current square taber hub…

I haven’t got it yet but I ordered a schlump 29" from UDC they have then on the web site.:smiley: I can’t wait for it to get here!

I bombarded Kris with some stuff that I can answer now.

-The full unicycle will be around $1600 (not sure if it’s US or CAD).
-The unicycle is a KH one, and any frames made before august last year will be compatible. You can modify the older frames by taking 2mm out of the outer bearing holder. Subtract the cost of a normal KH to get the price for just the hub.
-The hub will be stronger, and can (It has been done by KH himself) take 6 foot drops to transitions. This uni would be perfect for XC and muni in one trip. If you want to go hardcore, get a fixed hub.
-Kris sais that the release date has now been moved for the end of spring, but he isn’t sure. Lots of little imperfections that he needs to smooth over.