FYI: Wide Angle Lenses on VideoCameras

On the fantastic advice of HungFromHooks, I picked me up a wide angle lens for the videocamera.

The pic sucks, as it is a digipic in a dimly lit room with no flash, I was just going for target area.

The fan is 3 feet from where the (still from the videocamera) photo was taken. The top pic has the standard lens. The bottom is from the same position using a super wide angle lens

This huge camera buying ordeal was made super easy via many conversations with Philip Barbosa. He is very knowledgable (and patient) Thanks man

notable distortion: the bottoms of the pics on the wall are parrellel with the floor, but not in line with each other

edit: Jeff Groves was also very helpful, thank YOU, sir. You will be missed in Ontario

gald i could help, but im just a still photographer, Jeff Groves certianly knows more about video then me. :slight_smile: