Fw: Trials tyre wear(Monty)

Well, I think the monty is the only 19-inch trial tire avaible in the U.S…
The Onza is only avaible at the http://www.unicycle.uk.com , but no problem
to order it.
Check out the tire-page at http://www.wobbling.unicyclist.com/Tyres/ or
http://torontounicyclists.tripod.com/tire.htm . This may help.


Moritz Hahn

> is the Monty white line tyre made out of a softer material than other
> tires?it may just be me but after 3-days of riding mine i notice what
> seems to be more wear than some other tires i’ve used.
> also,can the Onza or any other Trials tire made for the 19inch rim be
> had in the U.S. beside the Monty?
> –
> jagur - Random Member