Future Uni Star

There is this kid on my street (14yo) that has watched me train for RTL and kept asking me to teach him how. He was so enthusiastic that I bought him a 20" Sun. I gave it to him tonight at 5pm. With my excellent teaching, he went about 15’ on his third or forth attempt!!! :astonished: He was riding down the street in about half an hour and did a couple freemounts within the hour!!! :astonished: :astonished: You would think he was sandbagging, but I’ve known him for years. He will probably be better than me in a couple months. Yeah, someone new to ride with!

wow that is really good. All these threads make me sad >< It took me about 30mins to ride 25m and after 2 hours I could freemount most of the time but im up to my 3rd month and only got to 35cms high jump :frowning: How Am i going to beat joe Hodges at this rate :stuck_out_tongue:
Grats Munivision now have someone to ride with :smiley:

1) I wouldn’t be upset my friend. Someday you’ll inspire others and who know. Maybe you can do something that your mates can’t and make them :astonished:
2) Nice, really.
3) That’s better then me then. See, the 1st comment i put is now something i’m inspired to try. :smiley:

As for me, my unicycling mates each have a personal record of their own. Such as…

  • Fastest to learn how to ride a unicycle.
  • Slowest to learn how to ride a unicycle.
  • Fastest speed record achieved on a unicycle.
  • Fastest speed record achieved on a coker.
  • Longest ride distance covered by unicycle.
  • Shortest ride distance covered by unicycle.
  • etc…

Also Munivision, enjoy riding with your new mate too also. :smiley:

Thanks Haz, good way to look at it :slight_smile: Once I get my mates riding properly I am going to start a Unicycle Club so who knows maybe we will hold records :smiley:

i want to have a unicyclist friend who lives near me so I can ride with someone, someone to push you, someone who’ll pick you up when you are down, someone who knows how frustrating it can be. And when that someone comes along, then I will be happy!