Future multi-gear tech?

Haven’t seen mention of this yet - seems interesting:

BINARY Gear - The innovative drivetrain by MagneticDays

Seems like it could potentially be used in unicycles?Future multi-gear tech?

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Pinion gearboxes (with up to 18 speeds) have been there for quite a while, I wondered how this design differs from the Pinion devices, mechanically?

Also, it’s worth noting that Schlumpf has developped a two-speed bike gearbox, with the same shifting mechanism as the unicycle hub.

I’ll have to do more digging later, I haven’t quite understood how their system works. (They are probably avoiding showing too much detail for now…)

It’s also worth noting that the clutch is quite different between the Schlumpf bike gearing and unicycle gearing. The unicycle system is more complex to allow for quicker and more reliable shift engagement.


Thanks for sharing Burnham, we’re working on BINARY Gear a lot!


Oh hey! So I assume you are officials of the BINARY? Please bring it to unicycle if possible, we are craving for some serious new toys!

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Looked at it some more, still can’t quite figure out what the gearing mechanism inside is. They say:

Our technology consists of a system of coaxial gears, with different eccentricities, which manage to have a dragging speed with a defined proportion.

I think the logo is probably a bigger hint, looks planetary-ish.

Provided it functions, it is however indeed a relatively promising candidate for use in unicycles, if it fits into a bikes bottom bracket, it can fit in a reasonably sized hub. In this aspect it’s similar to Schlumpf drive, let’s hope that the engineers @MagneticDays are as eccentric as Florian (which I mean in the best kind of way) and decide to get into unicycles too.

Pinion is very similar to a manual transmission in a car, constant mesh gears on a countershaft. (I think they have a planetary “overdrive” on most their gearboxes and they have the output concentric around the crank spindle which is different from automotive transmissions, but the main principle remains.) That gives it it’s “boxy” form factor and would make it hard to package inside a unicycle hub, you’d need a massive rotating hub shell around the whole thing and huge (expensive) bearings for the rotating hub shell.

There certainly is no space to have a countershaft inside a bottom bracket, so whatever “MagneticDays” is using must be fundamentally different.


We’re thinking about unicycle, it could be very useful.
Let’s keep in touch!