Hey I was about to order a KH Fusion saddle and i was just wondering if any of you think if its worth paying and extra 10$ for the Gel saddle?

                       ~Let me know what you guys think~

extra $10 for gel? worth it if your doing muni/distance…not needed for stials

Rather than start a new thread I’ll ask my question here. How big is the saddle compared to the lx saddle? Is it hard to do seat out trials with it?

no idea how big that is :slight_smile: , haha the old one is hard to grip… new one is made for seat out trials lol

If you do Trails with Seat out it´s defenetly worth the money

I would say to totaly go for it. I love my gel seat, when I have to use other seats, even kh ones, I dislike the idea.

I’m getting a gel seat to minimise chaffing. Go for it!

alright well gel seat it is!

Thanks alot for all your advice


oh and andy,


i am also waiting for gel seat to come!!! WOOO!!

what exactly is chaffing?? rubbing of the seat on ur leg??

yup pretty much!