further uni adventures from Auckland

This weekend Tony and I entered the bike the bays fun ride, a 25km cycle
annual cycle ride around some of the more picturesque parts of Auckland.

Naturally we did it on unicycles. This was only our second 25km ride so we
took it fairly easy and were passed by just about everyone else present. It
amused us when we figured out only one good comeback line was required for the
inevitable comments. The only problem being that while everyone else thinks
their comments are original we get pretty bored with our comeback lines.

Still it was amusing to do verbal banter with those who had “training wheels”
and we did get a few original comments. Its the first time I’ve been referred
to as a “single tracker”. The feedback from most people was very positive.
(and we had lots of fun on the hills where we could pass everyone - pity it
was mostly flat)

I would thorougly recommend any one considering going in a bike event to do
so. It helps educate the public about unicycling and you end up locating
kindred spirits too. (We got “hassled” by the 4 person tandem with only 3
wheels - they reckoned we each had quarter of a wheel too many :slight_smile:


o o Peter Bier
o O o Juggler, unicyclist, programmer and mathematician.
o/|\o peter_bier@usa.net

Hi Peter and Tony

I’ve been racing the local King of the Forest races down here in Wellington. Came 8/12 in the Rec class last week. Results on
(actually did 49min, the timing was off)

Would be good if you’d like to get together for a race sometime. Also thinking of a 24hr race in Rotorua if you’re keen…