[FunTorial] How not to Grind

Having a hard time walking and using my right hand.



Haha, that made me laugh pretty hard. You alright now, man?

I’ll keep this in mind for this weekend :wink:

I can’t really walk… but my wrist is starting to feel better. Just a little swelling…
Just do the opposite of what I do :slight_smile:

edit: This is the second time I’ve been owned by this rail… Two choices: Return and conquer the rail once and for all or accept and admit defeat (return to flatland). What to do, what to do…


That is all I have to say.


You’re so awesome at flat, I’d wanna see your style in (big) street.

Try and find a rail with lineup that’s also considerably lower?

Can you or Pat drive yet?

I just turned 15 like two months ago, so no driving for a while for me. Pat gets his permit in August.
I really hope I heal fast so I can try this again before the end of the break.
Did you mean longer runup?

You were leaning back too much on like almost all attempts.

On another note, the video was hilarious.

You know, I was just building up the courage to try my first grind. After seeing this I think I’m going to give it some more time :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice man! I laughed a lot watching this :smiley:

HAHAHAHAHA. Dude, better than how you described! :smiley:

But rail has practically NO slope. Get some speed, and you’ll have it for sure.

oh dont u dare go back to flat. conquer that dam rail!! as well as more speed, u should also jump forwards more

Ooh, so that’s how you don’t grind a rail. Turns out I’ve been not grinding rails incorrectly all these years. :stuck_out_tongue:
On another note, I enjoyed that haha.

Hahaha, glad everyone enjoyed seeing me in pain :wink: :roll_eyes:
This is a tricky handrail… 1.5 rev runup puts you back against the wall. I guess I could open the doors and start in the church hallway, though.

But I seriously can’t walk now… I think I have to get my foot checked out.

haha, nice tutorial… xD I watched it whith my bro on 3 years and he laughed at your bails :stuck_out_tongue:

So my foot is broken. Eight weeks out…

oh eli :astonished: broken foot ?! very bad :frowning:
get well soon !

Thanks, man. Hopefully I’ll be good to go when I’m supposed to.

The hospital just called my house… Checking the x-rays again, some of them think I may have damaged the growth plate in my wrist as well… There seem to be mixed opinions on that one though…