Funny stories when y’all are out riding!

Hey what are some funny stories while riding ur uni? Wheather you do cross country or you do freestyle/performance or muni! Trust me I have a lot of funny stories but this is prolly my fav:

Literally kids will do wheelies past me on their bikes to show off or they’ll ride with out their handle bars. This one kid w his friends all popped a wheelie and the one kid fell and knocked all the other kids down I laughed so hard- harder than I prolly should’ve but that was their decision :joy:


Funny one from today: a middle-aged man and his adult daughter cross my path at the city park, and the man asks me: “How do you ride that thing?”. I replied: “One crank at a time”. The man pauses for a second, then laughs and says: “I guess that makes sense, one crank at a time. Heh heh”. Then the daughter turns to the father while they are walking away, and quietly says: “I don’t get it”. I almost burst out laughing. I probably shouldn’t have found it so funny, but I just loved how a typical interaction ended so differently from normal.


I don’t get it either.
Bicycle: Step on one crank, but relax the other
Unicycle: Step on one crank, but maintain “back pressure” on the other one.

Am I too, literal?
However, you brought up an excellent point. Just got the number of cranks wrong.

If you are a beginner, that’s the “key”


@slamdance You took my quip more technically than I meant it. It was simply meant to be a play off of “one step at a time”, which is how you can reply to someone if they ask you how you run an ultramarathon, etc. It wasn’t a serious interaction where the man genuinely wanted to stop his walk to learn the technique for riding; he was just commenting in passing on what he perceived to be a prohibitively difficult task. I merely responded in a similarly lighthearted manner. The quip wasn’t meant to be a commentary on the precise technique of how to ride a unicycle. I suppose if I had to explain it, then I found the comment more humorous than it actually was, but that is the kind of dry humor I grew up on.

Yeah, I understand.

Hey, let’s keep this string active.
Just because we can.

I really wish the more “instructive” “beginner” strings would stay active with more feedback and response. Rather, than the highly technical stuff like spoke lacing or free wheeling. They hate me, but I don’t care.

It is the beginners who are the most subscribed here(silent majority), and it is the beginners who are the future of this turn of the century hobby. As advanced unicycle riders I believe it’s our duty to encourage more people into this hobby.



I definitely agree that more frequent and updated beginner advice content would be super helpful to the new riders. Of course, everyone has slightly different techniques, but what I find great about a forum like this for learning purposes is it allows people to read differing perspectives and find what works best for them. I know I watched plenty of YouTube videos to get to where I am today, and I picked up little tidbits of advice here and there along the way that really helped put things together for me.

I did have a nice, kind of funny story from earlier this week. I was riding at the park in the evening when the city pool shut down for the day. All of the sudden a teenage lifeguard ran up out of nowhere, and told me the unicycle was “DOPE AF!”. I offered to let him ride it, which he excitedly agreed to. I gave him a few minutes of basic instruction before I handed him the unicycle, and within a few minutes he was guiding himself back and forth along the wall with multiple assisted revs. I was really impressed and tried to encourage him. After a few more minutes he abruptly stopped and said he had to leave. I hope that it was enough to spark his interest in riding, because the kid had either already tried to learn before or was a natural.

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@slamdance hey I do agree with you about the whole beginner thing! There should be a lot more info for beg. But also once you get more advanced, the more technical stuff will become more useful for you as you continue your journey.

I am fairly new to this website but I’ve known how to ride for almost 9 years now. This website is very useful for me (the more technical stuff).

@slamdance also we do not hate you, Sometiems people who are more experienced in something don’t want to have to explain things for beginners. And for people who are more advanced like me can relate better with those who are at the same level. But feel free to message me about any questions, im more than happy to help or just chat bout unicycle stuff! :grin::+1:

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