"Fun ride" at Dana Point, 4/15/07

I didn’t shoot video from this ride, but one of the young riders from the OC Uni club (Tyler) did, and hopefully he will post the vid here soon! We did some big drops and some fun lines but mainly just had a blast exploring every nook & cranny of the beach area, especially the jetty with rocks galore! All these young riders have vastly improved from the last time we got together, which wasn’t that long ago.

It was a really enjoyable afternoon of riding with a record turnout of over 20 ppl! Thanks to Adam Brody for putting this ride together, and thanks for the Pizza party after the ride!:stuck_out_tongue:

Below is a nice shot of (most) of the group. About 10 more members, including Tim (Unimog), Tod (Onelesscar) and his pal Chuck (All old guys like me, haha!:wink: ) showed up a bit later.

that looks like great fun!

love the what 6 LX’s:D and no DX’s.:slight_smile:

Good observation! I tell most of the kids to start out wilth LXs and move to better unicycles such as my DX or Tyler’s Kris Holm when they get better. Also,about half of those DXs I own and let the kids use at home, and I cant affor to buy them all DXs. It was a really fun ride and thanks to all the adult helpers!

Also, Terry had a great fall while hopping on a bench! Wish we had it on film as I think it competes with some of his recent bangs

Yep, it was fluke type of fall, but really more of a slip. I’m sure it looked very comical, but the pain was anything but funny!:o

I was doing a routine hop up unto a wooden slatted bench, which was only a few inches from the wall of a restaraunt with a glass window closeby. Not too smart! The jump up was fine but then I momentarily paused trying to figure out where to go next when I lost balance toward the wall.

I ended up with my back facing the wall, with the palms of my hands pressing against the wall so I could push myself back up then just jump back off. Well, my Muni went out from under me, and then I slid down to the backrest of the bench in a mostly sitting position…when I grabbed the sides if the bench in an effort to keep myself from slipping further, I fell the rest of the way down, between the wall and the bench (which was anchored down :astonished: ) RIGHT ONTO MY TAILBONE! Ouch!

Well, it did hurt a lot but I just went on with the ride and didn’t think much about it as I did some 4’ drops and everything as usual. Well today, I’m in major pain! I hope there’s no permanent tailbone damage! I’m sure it’s just swollen and the pain will subside in a few days. Anyone else ever fall on their tailbone?

I’ve seen some footage (Universe 2) where a guy fell hard on his back onto the stairs while trying to grind a rail.

Ever worn a helmet WITHOUT a cap under it?

Well that was sure out of left field! But yes, of course, but I like the shade it provides to hlep keep the sun out of my eyes.

In my last video, “Uni-Geezer: Certifiable”, look at the part where I’m hopping up onto my TV; I’m wearing my helmet without the hat, because there was no direct sun there. But thanks for your thoughful, interesting question!:wink:

How about in your next movie, go balls out and do a drop without any pads!!! :astonished: :astonished:

Nah, that’s ok, I learned from your tennis net mistake! How’s the shoulder btw?

I like it very much, it’s his signature look. If I ever see someone else wearing I would probably think that they are trying to copy Terry.

Looks like fun! Could I get emailed when you guys do rides cause I’d probably join ya next time. My email is unicycle6869@yahoo.com or cell phone is 612-240-8786. I’m also trying to start a OC/LA Uni Email List so that I can send out info on weekly rides and such. If you’d like to be included just email me at the above email address stating you’d like to join the OC/LA Uni List. Hope to ride with some of you guys in the future.

Is there an official OC Uni Club with dues and such? How’d I go about joining?

No brace or pad will prevent that, or a broken bone. Plus, scrapes and cuts leave awesome scars.