Fun muni thing to try on a wet days

Ok so it was I bit muddy where I was today so I decided to do a bit of muni.
I saw a steep muddy slope and decided to go down it(fast), towards the end I decided to stop so I stopped my cranks in a horrisontal position but as it was quit muddy I started to slide down the rest of the hill! It was realy cool:D

yeah, its feels awesome to slide along like that, I always like doing that in the winter:D

Yay thats 2 good things about winter:D :

  1. Christmas
  2. Muni slides

here hear

lots o fun ,cept i do it on loose gravel ,leaf litter what ever i can find

Its snowing in spokane. I cant wait to do some coker slides. =p

I like to slide down big hills in the snow on my uni, its fun, but i usually end up getting all wet.

I never get to do any of that…
(in FL we dont have snow or deciduous trees)

Or hills…or trails…or any good off road places to ride for that matter.

i think u forgot somthin real important
y dont u guess it

You can do the same thing on sand dunes - hardest thing to control ever.


I tried doing slides in loose gravel in a parking lot one time…I misjudged my speed, and slammed my knee into the gravel…looked like a mini-shotgun blast.

I tried doing super fast slides on ice, (pedal real hard, then lock em up,) and there was the section with a thin layer of water on top. I badly broke my helmet, and land with all my weight on my ass bone, which was on top of my thumb. My thumb (two weeks later) still hurts like a bitch.

Yeah… sliding is one of the best parts of any loose terrain aspects… I’ve had some luck on dirt, sand, mud, snow and ice. I usually enjoy the soft stuff most because it breaks the falls a bit, but ice usually gives the best slide.

We have some of the best ice I’ve ridden on this year, but I don’t get out much because I’m working too much. Canadian winter rocks, building a barn all winter sucks.

I like sand muni the best. Down sand dunes you can go at coker speeds just on a 20". You pedal as hard as you can and the rest of the speed comes from sliding, but its also pretty hard to stay on or slow down. I also like really steep muni in the bush. One of my favourite muni tracks is really steep and technical, and if you don’t use a brake you tend to slide heaps, but its always fun!

I love riding steep sand dunes too.

Has anyone had problems with sand wrecking unicycles?
With getting into the Bearings, pedals and what not.

yea i had that problem, luckily it was a cheap learner uni though.

though i found that taking apart everything, cleaning each part and greasing the bearings helped a fair bit, though i would never take one of my good unis in the sand.

Sand dunes are evil bad for unicycles.
The sand will get into the bearings and ruin them. The sand will get in the pedals and force you to overhaul the pedals. It only takes a few rides down a sand dune to get this damage. A short bit of fun followed by an overhaul and replacement of all bearings on the unicycle.

Snow is also bad, but not nearly as bad as deep sand dunes. Snow will pack around the hub and spokes and wheel. The packed snow will pack around the hub bearings and force it’s way around the bearing seals. It forces water and grime into the bearing washing away the grease and leaving grime behind. The snow also packs its way into the pedals washing away the grease. So if you ride in the snow much you’ll end up needing to replace your hub bearings and do regular pedal overhauls.

Snow also works its way into the frame. There are vent holes in every frame where the snow can work its way in. Once inside the frame (or hollow cranks) it will rust anything rustable. So if you have a steel frame you’ll want to spray frame saver or some other protectant inside the frame.

New year?


My avatar pictures me riding Cyclops (Hunter frame, Surly Large Marge/Endomorph setup) down a sand dune named Little Dead Man’s Drop during the Kinetic Sculpture Race. The Endomorph is fat enough to roll over sand dunes on flats, slight uphills, and slight downhills, but once it gets steep you’re still just sliding and hoping to go in the right direction. Trying to make it down Dead Man’s Drop (about twice the size of Little Dead Man’s), I gave it five or six shots, ending with a serious faceplant into the deep sand. I was picking sand out of my ears over a week later.

Sand is generally pretty bad for the components, but I haven’t had to trash any of my bearings yet. WD-40 is actually good for this application (unlike most of the things it’s used for); after you finish riding the sand, blasting what you can off the areas near the bearings will increase the longevity of your pedals and hub bearings.