fun muni ride today..

hey guys!

I finaly rode my 20" DX on some four wheeler trails out on my churches property. I have explored these trails before today on both foot and b***.

It’s a realy fun bunch of trail for muni but it’s not good for b***ing.

After riding off of the parking lot. There is a 300 yrd length of field to ride untill i reach and ooold overgrown paintball field where there is an ATV trail that runs through the middle of the paintball course and eventually spits out over a steep rock, into a fork in the trail. Go right and you’re in a large puddle. I rather go left becouse after the puddle on the right you are pretty much on the highway.

So, going left there is a long straight away with many rocks. If i had an actual muni i would have loved to have to have gone fast. but Alas i do not. So i rode nice and steady… then fell flat on my face… so i got back on… then continued.

When i checked out the trail in the past the next puddle wasen’t bad… but it rained… hard. Now the puddle took up most of the visable trail untill the next bend. i didn’t want to get wet so i decided not to ride it. sooo i took another left instead. this left took me to a rigorous uphill line with some rocks halfway up.

So i sta… and then my phone rings in my camelbak. So i stoped, took my camelbak off halfway,and relized it was a stupid text. i walk down the 5 feat i covered before the text, and began again. on my way up, i look down at the ground, carefully planning my route as i go. it seemed that i was hopi… ring ring eh? Another text, this time i answered and told them to hold off the texting. by now i’m tired. So i started half-way before rocks. For some reason the only thing going through my mind was the song “crazy train” by black sabbath. I finaly reach the top nearly out of breath. i started my way down the hil and eventually back to the fork where i began.

coming to the fprk in the trail to my right is the rock i “rode in on.” so i sized it up, and relized it was alot harder then thought it would be and took about 10 tries to get up it in SIF.

That is when i looked at my hand and see a large blister under my pinky/anular finger.It was deep under the skin. I couldn’t tell what it was at the time so i mindlessly stretch out my hand and a shot of pain runs up my arm. and that is when i relised why so many municyclers wear gloves. " well there goes my ride." i thought “my seatpost was loose anyway.” so i started my way back to the church.

well that was pretty much todays muni… in a nutshell i’ll take some pictures and video of the trails i rode on later.


Nice writeup Jacob! Sounds like you had quite a challenging, but fun ride! Yeah, post pics and/or a vid of it whan you can!:smiley:

now you need a good pair o’ gloves and you’ll be back on the trails! Gloves are almost a need on those scratched up plastic handles, I have some thick skin on my MUni hand now!

thank you! could anybody suggest a good pair of gloves?

Oh yeah. Well I like fox brand mtb or bmx gloves. Also I highly recommend full fingered gloves! These are good-I get mine at REI:

lol notice it says UNIsex!


well, if you into that sort of thing. Why don’t you try it out and if it doesn’t fit don’t tell your friends.

I think it’s more like something two unicycles do together lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

shouldn’t you be recommending 661 gloves?

Haha yeah…forgot about that! For 661 stuff, I’m just so conditioned to thinking only of 4x4’s and 2x2’s lol!

I’ve used about every kind of bike glove out there. Fox gloves are pretty nice, but tend to be spendy and don’t last too long. I’ve been using some mechanics gloves lately, and they seem a little tougher, plus have little grippy rubber dots on the fingertips which I like. They’re slightly less expensive at around $15-20 msrp, although the ones I’m using I found somewhere on clearance for like $5.

hey guys thanks for all of the input.

i’m pretty much decided on kh gloves becouse of the gel inserts.

and about the unisex thing that is not what i meant >_<