fun movie by me

well as you can probably tell the forum has been a very dark place so I am made a funny cheerful movie. now he biggest reason I made this movie is because I have pink eye and they wouldnt let me go to school so enjoy

p.s click on the one that says l-o-v-e


in the beginning is it supposed to be pointless productions?


right on

I think I’m gonna cry…

I though of it after thinking allday for a name and then I was like “this is pointless” and bingo that is how the name was created

so like the movie lol

That was fun!

That was touching. nicely done.

Very moving nice video…


thank you all lol
and dont worry obie you will be o.k


that was pretty good.

Nice job. I especially like the part near the beginning where you are dancing in circles with your soul mate.

thx … I laughed outloud :smiley:

yeah me too I laughed just doing it

sniffle… it really touched me. thank yew.

I just watched it again for kicks and it still makes me laugh

Hah nice movie, good to see people not taking themselves too seriously.

By the way, you jump the same way I do (left forward, left hand, jump to the right), though I’ve been told this is less efficient/convenient.

were like brothers foozy and I dont really have a problem with it I get used it