fun competative venue


Last weekend I went in my first trials competition at Lake Padden, Washington.
It was a blast, and the organizers were very accepting of a unicycle competing
against other people on bicycles.

They set up 6 trials courses, which were ridden 3 times each. There were 3
classes, beginner, sport and expert, with stock and modified “mod bike”
categories. I registered for the sport, mod-bike category and came in 7th (out
of 9 riders).

The courses were obviously set up for bikes, not unicycles, and were really hard
in that they involved lots of side hopping over logs. In addition, riders are
scored by a point system (lowest number wins) where, in brief, you are awarded
one point if one foot touches the ground for balance or 5 points if both feet
touch the ground at the same time. Since unicycling doesn’t often lend itself to
one-footed touchdowns, this rule also made it challenging to do well.

All in all it was a great experience and I hope that other unicyclists will
start entering trials competitions if any are occuring in their area. Hopefully
one day we will have our own category at mainstream events!



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