I have been wondering this for a while. I can’t see how it’s possible to full outspin (let alone out5 and out7) with one hand. I can hardly outspin.

I think of it as litterally just twisting my hand. Is this wrong.

I was watching Kevin Kartchners outfifth and I notice that he sorta whips the unicycle around. What do I think of it as.

Also, what hand positioning do you use. I’ve heard 2 fingers on handle, 2 behind handle. But where does your thumb go. Or does it even matter.

Also, is it easier to land them static or rolling.

Thanks for any help

i do my full out’s two handed :slight_smile: just like putting an outspin and an inspin together in one jump. and 540 outs i do the same but normal 540 hand position for the last 360 of it. Although i do believe that full outs look nicer one handed so i learnt them that way too :slight_smile:

i think its easier if you grab exactly like 360 just without your backhand .
and the you sould do it rolling but if your cranks flip a bit you should do a very little prehop

oh yeah and i aslo learnt them rolling and still find them alot easier rolling :slight_smile:

sweet, I find it easier to get close when I think of it as a circular motion.

I was doing them static, but I’ll try them rolling today.

for fullouts to seat it (well, to seat in its no longer fullout^^), do you use your second hand in the air?

i can fullout easily now, but i have problems to land them seat in.

I do them onehanded, holding my hand just like normal hops and crankflips.
Oh, and I do them clockwise, which is opposite of my normal unispins. :slight_smile:

I learned this trick in about a month after 3spins… It isn’t that much harder.
If I have time I’ll write up about it later today or this week.

Good luck though :slight_smile: