FS: Wallis Death Grip set

Here’s another rare item, a new unused Wallis Designs Death Grip set, for left-handers. Both front & rear pieces made of the black magic. Of the 5 front holes, the rearward holes 22mm from the center ones, and the front hole 25mm from the center ones, and the rear bumper holes are 61mm apart, so make sure this will fit your saddle. I know these fit the Miyata/Gemcrest style bases, but I’m not sure about KH bases. The set sells for $95. new, so make me a reasonable offer. Shipping won’t be much. Pete



wow I wish I were a lefty.



Gettin there.


Just to clarify, with the 5 hole drilling the front three holes do not match up with the KH handle holes. You will have to either use it on a Miyata base or drill two (or three) new holes in your KH base.

This is a great deal guys.

Or you could drill more holes in the handle like Scott did here:

Danni, check your PMs if you haven’t already.