FS: Trials bc

No Plates.


Pics to come…

make an offer, Reasonable.

I know nothing about BCs. How much would you start at?

Well, seeing that darren sells his trials bcs for 300 with plates, Minus plates thats lik 220. ever so slightly used…


extremely tempting at 80ish.
i may have to take you up on this, but we’ll see.

Talk to me when we meet up on AIM next, but if someone else buys before me, give it to them.

what size rim? i’m assuming 20" because of the maxxis tire.

I want it and I will pay shipping. I will send you a check ASAP.

man i am interested but i would like to see pics first

Yeah, I would like to see pics too.

i’ll buy right now.
sent you a PM, get back to me.

Hey, I posted first. Evan, I will pay you $85 and shipping.

but I want it:(

give you $90 for it.

actually, no, you didn’t.

I think I did… I was the first to say that I WOULD GET it. It is though, still for evan to decide.

i don’t mean to be an ass or anything, really i’m not trying to,
but i was the first to blatently state that i would probably buy it, while you were the first to reply.

I was the first to say that I was 100% postitive that I would buy it.
I would still like to see some pics evan.

Time for rock paper scissors!

Evan will probably sell it to the person who will pay the most.


I’d maybe pay $90 to $100 for it. It’s very tempting :astonished:


to who?


sigh, I guess I’ll just have to get a bedford :slight_smile:

bummer sorry towhoo ever didnt get it. however there is a magnificent bca little further down the page.