FS/Trade: KH Dual Position 165/135 Cranks, New Condition

I bought these for my Muni, they’ve been ridden maybe five miles, no damage, look like new! Would make a great crank for a mixed use uni, 165 for climbing and downhills, 135 for around town.

I’d like to either sell them outright or trade for a KH 150mm, Koxx 160mm, or a name brand crank of similar condition and quality.

USA only to make the deal easier.

PM with details…

why for sale?

He wants cranks shorter than 165 but not as short as 137.

i might be interested in them after i buy a kh36, but not now. i’m not sure if i’m tall enough to use 165mm cranks.

That pretty much sums it up. Essentially, they are great cranks, but neither me nor my son are polished enough to ride the shorter crank, so we’re going to stay with longer single hole cranks for now.

I might consider trading for some Moment 165mm, but I’m holding out for some 160mm.

If someone is going to buy a 29er or 36er, consider getting my cranks for cheap and having Nimbus subtract the price of the oem cranks. Or, if someone really wants to be a pal, order your uni with some 150-160mm cranks, then trade for mine :slight_smile:

If they don’t get snapped up soon, I might change my mind :roll_eyes:

I have Newish torker dx 150’s

I haves some newish torker dx 150’s. I will trade you?

Im sure he wants cranks that wont fit.:wink:

Well he also said he wants koxx.

Thats not normal isis either

They still fit they are just slightly off. Torker cranks are the wrong spline count.

Okay, so how off are the Koxx on an ISIS hub? I thought ISIS was a standard :thinking:

Is there another 160mm crank out there of decent quality?

Koxx calls their cranks isis but they arent quite the same size.

Only koxx cranks will fit well with koxx hubs

These are pretty good in 145 and 170


There have been people that have put koxx cranks on kh hubs for flat unis,they are just tight.

The cranks have been sold!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Cranks arrived today–perfect condition! Thanks, Ben!