FS/Trade: 20" Semcycle Freestyle

Don’t have pictures right this second but over the next day or two hopefully I can snag a few on the friend’s digi.
20" Semcycle XL, powdercoated translucent red over chrome.
Red Miyata seat, 300mm high gloss powdercoated seatpost.
Chrome Sun Rhynolite, powdercoated translucent red.
36-spoke Suzue hub, powdercoated translucent red.
14ga Marwi spokes in black.
112mm Bicycle Euros, black, with indoor freestyle pedals.
Red Primo “The Wall.”
Very few miles have been logged on this, less than 2 hours of ride time. Everything is in wonderful shape. Now that I’ve healed enough to the point where I feel comfortable riding I want to get back into trials.
Looking to sell this, or trade towards some sort of trials setup.
Retails for $299 w/o the Miyata seat upgrade or the powdercoating work.

Will post fully assembled unicycle pictures later, here’s some of the parts.





Pictures tommorow hopefully. This thing is sexy. :slight_smile: