FS: Surly Conundrum 26" Frame, FR Seat, Seatpost and Muni Handle

I have a brand new Surly Conundrum 26" frame for sale. The seat post (28.6mm), 2010 KH Freeride Seat and Brycer’s Black C@*k muni handle with Delrin ball end go with it.

Steel, fat and ready for LM26" rim/larry combo or 29" free ride rim/racing ralph combo. It’s ready for rim brakes but you can fit disc on it via a weld on Mountain Uni tab or Nimbus/MU bearing holder disc mount. I have one with a weld-on tab and run my 26" LM wheel set, 24" LM wheel set and 29" KH free ride wheel set; all in the same frame.

Get this rare beauty, probably one of the last ones left.

I mounted my 24" wheel set on it and let another rider take it for a short ride, other than that, it’s never been used. The seat and seat post have been but not abused.

Need $220 plus shipping (should be $20-$30 in the US)

It is times like this where I wish I wasn’t a poor college student…

Seriously, that is one sexy frame. I saw Brycer’s Conundrum in person and it was beautiful!

Good luck with the sale!

As expected, this bad boy is spoken for, when it’s official, I’ll post an update :slight_smile:
Sorry folks.

Nice frame :slight_smile:


this is gone folks its it’s gone to a new home and i I am excited to see what the rider is going to do with it :slight_smile: