[FS]Summit for sale

Summit trials uni for sale. Orange. Has brake posts. No seat, but it does have a seat post. Good condition, everything’s straight. $250 + shipping.

Wow, two summits, both for 250 plus shipping.

I also have two friends, dying to get a good cheap trials uni, and you basically cannot beat this seat-up at this price.

Dont take this post as a bid, but I will definitely tell both of my friends tomorrow, that there is another trials for 250 and see how interested they are.

One just needs to get 250 out of his bank. the other has about 146 dollars, a birthday tomorrow, and can get the rest easily.

How much does the summit weigh?

Summits are bests, around 14 close to 15 pounds.

By the way, my friend Zach is very interested in this, cause I told him about 30mins ago. He has 150 dollars right now, and is working on gettng the 250.

Can you fill me in on any info that you havent put yet?

What type of seat post does it come with? One that will fit a Miyata saddle? Or will I have to get a new saddle too?

You say orange. Is the whole uni orange? or just the frame?

The rim is in true right? there is no slop in the hubs? Everything is in a great working order? nothing faulty I hope. Except for the dings and scratches from falls, but that is all cosmetics.

How is the tire? What kinda is it?

I am assuming the crank/hubset is the older 2004 models. With narrow q-factore and those nubs that kill ankle. Has these crank been denubbed?

Ok, Sorry, but Zach, changed his mind is just gonna save up a little more money and get something new.

No seat is included, the seat post will fit a KH/Viscount saddle. It’s orange except for where the brake posts have been added, where it has been painted black. It has a Luna tire, plenty of tread left. Wheel is straight and true. Cranks have been de-nubbed. It’s a great buy!


Please note that the uni will not come with the seat and seatpost in the picture, just a black KH seat style post.



225 with ship

225 + shipping.

oh that’s one hell of a deal. Watcha got for cranks on there

looks like original ones, denubbed.


dang i wish i had enough to buy it

Still for sale

I am interested, how much would shipping to Sierra Vista, AZ be?

Oh, and how long of cranks does it have?