FS: Stuff You Want;)

I got some,

Kh Red Pulse Gloves. [barely used] size sm.

KH shin gaurds…size sm

Snafu pedals

Primo tenderizers

all for sale.


I just want to get rid of it all…


i really hate you vanpaun.

ummmm i can get pics realy quick, my cam is acting up, so i acn oly show pics of the shin gaurds and the gloves, but the snafus and the primos are perfectly fine, just scratched up.

Leave my thread alone.

here ya go tyler.

im not sure i would even sell em to you.

sure 15 bucks sounds about right, you pay shipping.

everything is still for sale…

$15 for both sets of pedals plus shipping?
ok that sounds nice to me!

We break lots of pedals out here in Fresno.

let me know how to pay you or where (address) to send the check!


I believe now the shin gaurds and the gloves are sold.

the rest for sale.

What color are the Snafus? Sealed bearings?

the snafus are black and not sealed i believe…

Are they. Or aren’t they?

Edit: I might be interested if they are sealed…

I dont know.
its these.