[fs or trade] 2007 KH freeride muni.

basically in new condition, only used for about 2 months then got into street.

im asking $400 AUD + postage


a nice trials/street uni.

pm for pictures.


check your pm’s-
cheers mate,

How much postage to Canada? L8L 7M1 :frowning:

That’s like $325 CAD…

damn Canadians and their stable economy.

uhmm i really cant be bothered to figure that out.
and hounestly im looking for a pretty easy sale so
i think if anyone is going to buy it mark probably will
seeing as hes only a few hours away.

your welcome to do the math.

you have the internet at your disposal man.

wait what size is wheel? would you go for 350?

This is a 2 year old thread you know.

no i didnt… i just got this and didnt find out how to tell when it was posted till after this T.T