FS: Florian Green 36er

I know Schlumpf is releasing a new standard road hub soon, but what was the “latest” standard hub generation? Was he on third gen or second?

This is the current version hub, built by Florian last November.

yea dude, no offense, but thats kinda messed up
how do you know he’s never tried one or anything?

did nobody see the smiley face?

that is a sick guni if only i had 2000 to spend that is the uniocycle that i would get nice frame well made mate :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: im jelouse

unisk8r, I am very impressed with your craftsmanship. Green is my favorite color. I’m curious about your opinion on handlebar placement. It seems like your handlebars, when compared with the T7, are farther forward and lower down relative to the seat. Do you feel that you have to lean really far forward to distribute your weight on them? Does the lower center of gravity that is accomplished/enforced when you use your handlebars outweigh any drawbacks associated with being crunched over like a bicyclist (compressed ribcage and lungs, slightly limited ability to turn one’s head and look around)? Your guni really got me thinking about the ergonomics of handlebars on a 36" and the sometimes unforsean ramifications of slight changes in design. I’d love to hear your insight on these matters.

While my bars tend to be forward, they’re really about the same height as the saddle, so I wouldn’t say they are low. Maybe they just look that way.

I did experiment with lower bars, but found them less efficient in making subtle balance corrections. The issue is where are your hands relative to the wheel axle. When your hands are further away from the axle, it takes less input to make a correction.

The issue of where your hands are relative to your body’s center of gravity is another issue. That shows up in the desired body position, and how comfortable you are in a “3-point” position, where the hands are a totally separate contact point from the saddle.

It’s just preference. The neat thing about the V-frame is that you can attach a bar which will put your hands just about anywhere. A handlebar can be made which extends back all the way to the saddle if you wish. Form follows function.

But you don’t really put alot of pressure on these bars. No more in fact than a bar right in front of the saddle. Your center of balance is still the saddle. On the other hand, I find that the long bar helps on climbing, you can us it to put more pressure on the pedals.

Whoever buys this, I can make them another set of custom bars however you wish.

And you can ask the SARS that I ride with, I haven’t crashed into anything because I was hunched over! :wink:

By SARS, do you mean this ?

Seattle Area RiderS.

I’m having tax problems. Make an offer.

if you get enough people to part it out i maybe interested in the frame

and handle bars

check your PMs.

That uni looks sick! Can i try it sometime? Even though i dont plan on buying…

Pele came over yesterday and rode it. Good rider. He jumped on, and was able to shift on the fly the first time! At one point he was starting to accelerate down the mild grade, and could have easily exceeded 20mph, before he had to try out the brakes. Impressive.

This will come with a spare KH saddle, a couple extra 700c tubes, both the fixed seatpost and a bike-style seatpost if you want to use a rail adapter, and whatever other parts I might find in the bins. I admit I’m motivated to sell.

Yeah, i tried it and it was indeed a great uni. A lot of fun to ride, if only i had the money. I was expecting the v frame to get in the way, but to be completely honest, it doesnt feel much different when riding upright, and when leaning down on the handlebars it feels comfortable and natural. An excellent uni.

OMG you are so lucky Pele. This thread is depressing me. Someone buy it so I know I can stop watching it!

Wheel set

By wheel set what is included ?

Tire, rim, geared hub, cranks and peddles ?

Also could you check cost to ship it to this Canadian postal code

E3A 4W2

Yes, all that comprises the wheelset. And the wheel would still run about $50. in shipping, due to the size of the box.

And I’d have to see if anyone wanted the frameset first (frame, bars, saddle, posts & brake), before I’d sell the wheel.