FS [AUSTRALIA - TAS] - Nimbus Trials, 661's and KH Gloves

Hi all,
I’m selling my uni gear - Reason being I am getting into track bike racing and need some cash to fund a bike…

For sale is…
Nimbus Trials uni: This is in good nic, has a CC tire and Twisted PC pedals.

661 4X4 Leg Guards: I got these not long ago and they are in perfect condition - Only thing is I have put some shoe goo down one side to harden them up for when I was unispinning so if they hit the tire they wouldn’t wear through.

KH Gloves: These are in used condition, but still perfectly fine… Yes, I will wash them before anyone buys them!

I also have some JC pedals that I will throw in too depending on if you want them/freight cost for a heavier package.

I will post pics soon, but if anyone is interested in the meantime of has any questions PM me or post here.

I am after $300 FIRM for the lot… Will split if I can get buyers for everything if you make a reasonable offer for something.


traitor biker.

how much for leg guards?

how heavy are the pedals? (pics pls)

Ha, not traitor at all… But yes, cycling has become a bigger part of my life than unicycling, and now it’s time to take it to the track!

Umm… $50 for the leg gaurds, and $30 for the pedals 710gr it says on UDC… Pics of stuff attached:






what cranks are those? and how much for pedals only

QU-AX 125’s.
Jim C’s - $30… Not splitting the twisteds from the uni.

sorry man, too heavy for me. good luck selling stuff though.

No worries bro,
If I end up parting stuff and decide to drop price of 661’s you’ll be first to know aye :slight_smile:


how much would it be to ship everything, and could you go to a lower price?
what size are the leg gaurds

I sent a 24muni a while back and that was about $80 to NSW, so I’m thinking it could be about the same with all the extra stuff.

Depends where you are.

Not moving on price as I have it advertised elsewhere for a slight fraction more, and with all the extra stuff (I have also found a spare trials tyre) I feel it is a pretty good buy.

And leggies are mediums :smiley:

Hey, What sort of tyre?


Btw I think $300 is a bargain. :slight_smile:

It is said to be a Luna… But it doesn’t say Luna on it… It says Bike Trials…

hi im chad i would like to buy your item.


all of it?