[FS] 24" Kris Holm 2006 Muni *Barely Used*

This gem has been sitting in the basement for a while due to the fact that I now have a job and can’t ride very often. Need some money so it’s gotta go! The frame has one small scratch, otherwise perfect. Cranks are 165mm KH/Onza in great condition, and perfectly straight. Thomson seatpost, KH Fusion air-seat(have original foam if interested) and MSHBKS black sealed bearing pedals, signs of wear, of course. Still straight and spin smooth however. 24x3 Nokian Gazzaloddi tire, no wear or even mud! Will ship to lower 48 states. Buyer pays shipping. Pics up later.

$550 + shipping.

Pictures are usually essential…

You can get a new KH 24 for $575 + shipping


Not much of a discount for a year old uni

yeah… id prefer just geting a new one. needs to be a lot cheaper.

Not really if it has a $75 seatpost, a custom airseat, and a now hard-to-find 3" gazz. Also btw I forgot to say it has an Alex DX32 rim.

I could go down to $500

Pics as promised.

is the hub/cranks even isis?


Actually no, it’s a 32 point straight spline. The moment hub is the only Isis KH.

no they’re not, KH/onza arent isis.

jamesdd you really haven’t changed…

lol in those 4 minutes 3 people went and posted against jamesdd… those are rapid bumps lol

Gee, calm down - I read it once and assumed he asked if it was splined.

Yea guys, this has easily 200 dollars worth of upgrades. You are not gonna get parts like that on a stock KH.

if you don’t take care when you post, you might as well not post. it’s not helpfull

Also forgot to mention the KH rail adapter with brake mount post.

Handbuilt wheel.

It’s a steal! Must sell ASAP!

How much would it cost to post to New Zealand? :roll_eyes:

Just because it has $200 worth of upgrades doesn’t mean someone would want to pay heaps more for them.

I’d be just as happy with an alloy seatpost, nimbus frame and foam KH seat.

Anyway thanks. I’m not really interested as I’m guessing postage would be far to much.

Without looking it up, my guess would be 100-200 bucks US.

Oh, and just because someone put $200 worth of upgrades into it, doesn’t mean they’re gonna sell it for stock price or even $200 less just because someone else doesn’t care what they ride on. I personally like having stuff that doesn’t break. Less chance of being 10 miles into woods and having to walk back.

I can understand you wanting to get the most money back on this uni which is pretty nice- but you face the same problem that everyone did when they bought the 05/06 kh- the fact that the hub and cranks are heavy in comparison to the ISIS, and have the tendancy to bend like butter. Add to this the expense of getting replacement cranks (have to get the same weak ones as there are no alternatives) and you’ve got a bit of a lemon. I’m facing the same problem with my 19 where the cranks are bent almost beyond use- i don’t want to get expensive replacements because the same will happen, and an upgrade to a dif. hub and cranks set is beyond me. I’m stuck in the wilderness it weems with trials ui to ride.
Best of luck anyway- the rest of your ride seems really nice.