FS - 19" Trials BC Wheel


Alright I am now selling my homemade Trials BC Wheel.


  • 19" Alex DX32 Rim
  • Monty Elite Tire 20x2.5
  • Monty Quando Hub
  • Homemade plates - Short plates (almost 6" long and about 3 1/2" wide) It has 2 adjustments so you can gave your plates lower or higher.
  • Also its a 10mm Axle, I havent bent it at all. So its all good :).

I will paint the plates if you would like (spray paint). Thats what I did but after lots of riding it has come off.

The rim is not bent.

If you are intested reply to the thread or PM me or email me at isaac.steiner@yahoo.ca or if you want you can add me on MSN at uni.dude@hotmail.com

I am asking $65 for the whole wheel including the plates. You pay shipping.



If only the shipping wasnt so much… :frowning:

[Oh, sorry for posting that useless message… Ehh, How much would the shipping cost to 97459 Oregon?]

Yeah it would be about $28 so like $88 which is pretty good price imo but if you dont have the money.

Yeah, I probably cant pay that much… Thanks though, I hope someone buys it :smiley:

Okay, yes lets hope so.

Ok - how much would shipping be to Port Moody, BC (near Vancouver)
and how long does it take to learn to ride a BC wheel - it sounds fun.

Okay whats your postal code?

And it takes about 1-2 days maybe. You could get it.


hmmm? shipping wouldent be too much but the qustion is do i want it? :thinking: hmmmmmmmm? :thinking:

I’m interested, but really haven’t got the money… I finally paid for that Kris Holm poster. and I can’t afford a BC(even at such a great price) I’ll have to build up or buy my own some other time oh well… sorry for posting even though I’m not going to buy it but at least you got a thread bump.

postal code

I PM’d it to you

How much would shipping be to 95938?

When I was at The TOQUE games, which were awesome – thank you Carl,
Sara, and the rest of the organizers. Darren Bedford had a made a new
style of BC wheel. It is so much fun to ride around. The new wheel is
a rear trials wheel (a 2.5 Luna) with platforms which are about 3.5
inches deeps and 7 inches long. I found the tire gave the BC a lot more
spring than the BMX tires do, this it made a bit easier to get height
when bunny hopping, the fat tire also takes some of the impact from
drops and saves your knees a little bit. The new platforms also make it
easier on landings. This BC wheel is so much fun!!!

Cody - Okay to your place it is $28.00.

Sunft - I pmed you back, but it is $21.00 with Canadapost

Uni-Ouly - You want it, And shipping would be similar to the Yellow uni, some cheaper. I will PM you.

Detroit - Okay so you dont want it?

So who wants it? :slight_smile:


I think I want it… I’m close by but I don’t know…

Edit: I’m trying to save for a coker right now. If I wasn’t looking into that, I’d be all over that BC.

Okay you want it?


Alright, I’m taking it! :smiley:
Just give me til tomorrow to get the Paypal set up.

I’ll still be able to have the money I need to get the coker in the time I want it.

Alright great! Ummmm would it just be easier to send money through the mail?


Thats a smart one.:stuck_out_tongue:
a check or money order would be ok sent in the mail but they are really slow
use paypal much quicker and secure

Are you trying to tell me that I wouldnt ship it out then…Of course I would.

It was just an idea, because it would maybe be easier.