Fruita and Colorado National Monument

Last week I headed out to Fruita/Grand Junction Colorado to do some riding after I found a place in Denver. I went out to the Book Cliffs in Fruita first on Halloween and set up my campsite (which is free…and right next to the trails!) and then I headed out on several trails, the best of which was Zippity Do Dah. Zippity had lots of steep smooth climbs and descents…some of which I definitely couldn’t handle on my KH 29er (with no brake), but it was a blast.

It got pretty cold at night, so I had a fire going for quite a while and then had to double up on my sleeping bags. The next morning I drove a few miles out to the Colorado National Monument and did a really fun 35 mile loop. There was quite a bit of climbing but the views were amazing the entire ride. It was a perfect place to use the geared 36 because I had it in low gear for almost all the climbing (and gusty wind sections) and once it leveled off at the top, I was able to cruise at a steady 18+ mph with little effort in high gear.

I’m in love with Colorado already and I think I made the right choice moving here =]


Colorado National Monument:

Fruita trails:

Looks like a fabulous place to ride and I’m very jealous.

And yes, the picture of that last descent makes my bum twitch like a rabbit’s nose.

Zippety fickinn yahooooooo… you are in heaven now James, I love those rides over there, congrats on the move!!! Can’t wait for spring, so I can ride this stuff with you.

Here is a friend that I got up close and personal with in spring when I was riding there. Enjoy Colorado!!!

CO is a cool state. See you there tomorrow for some snow muni!

Nice shots. Glad to see you’re loving CO.


Yep, tomorrow will be my first snow muni adventure. I should be meeting up with you and Mark after he picks you up, hopefully your flight won’t have any delays with the snow.

Thanks! Yeah, Denver is amazing so far, I just have to put a little more effort into finding a job now and then I will be all set.

That is one crazy looking lizard!