Front porch

Yo’ unimaniac here are the pics of me playin around on my front porch…upgrade your aim. Any one else take a look i was just havin some fun on my porch cause I havent ridin in like a week. A lot of the pics have bad contrast cause my bro was havin trouble with the camera.

Edit: I’ll have to post one by one sorry.

pa270021 small.jpg

hoppin on wheel

pa270004 small.jpg

Its hard to jump high when there is nothin to jump up to, there is no motiv.

pa270002 (2) small.jpg

another hoppin on the wheel but usin two hands…I found out today that its easier with only one

pa270006 small.jpg


pa270010 small.jpg

dude your dog is watchin you ha ha thats is awsome im learning to do that

Good ol’ wheel walkin

pa270012 small.jpg

My very first trick…And unimaniac ive got 5 gogs who love the porch and dont like to leave it was hard enough to ride on there, at least they flocked toward my bro lucas and not me.

pa270008 small.jpg

i dont know why but this one looks cool in my oppinion.

pa270022 small.jpg

Sorry for so many posts this is the last pic…I some how fell gliding. Some days that happenes then again i havent riddin for a while.

pa270007 small.jpg

Have you tried making a gallery for these? You could just post them all there and then make a single post directing people to it.

I Don’t know how, care to explain.

I actually don’t know either, I’ve never had reason to, but I’m sure if you perform a forums search you’ll be able to find out how.

yo man your hella better than me. i just got to level 3 today and i feel kida good about it, but your pics hella show me up

Nice pics! Its cool to see another So Cal guy.

UniManiac- nice sig line. talk too much… :slight_smile:

Oops, I was lookin in old threads and I realized that I put in the wrong pic. My first trick before i could even idle was riding one footed, not 1 foot ww that was the wrong pic.

pa270011 small.jpg

Ahhh Holy backlitness!

Nice riding. For the next photoshoot, look for better lighting on you where you’re not against a bright background or adjust exposure by selecting spot metering or however you need to get it done with your camera.

Nice practice area! It doesn’t even matter if the rains come

Not really, when it rains it does get on the porch and getm my tire wet, also the porch is a little short making learning to coast a joke and I keep gliding off the edge. Post a pic of where you ride and or tricks.

Hope this works; its my first attmept to attach a picture. Anyway its me doing the suicide mount in my basement, my usual riding place at this time of year.