From 26" to 36"

Just bought a 36" Corker. My problem, how to get up on it. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. TIA

Hey there … treat it the same as your 26… when jimmy migrated from 29" to 36" no real difference experienced. Eg pole, tree , fence anything to lean on worked fine. Enjoy your 36". It’s a good call… jimmy

Long cranks (145-150) on the 36er will make it not so hard to freemount if you used to freemount your 26er by setting the cranks at 9:15 and put no weight on the back pedal while mounting the uni.
With such long cranks you will just have to jump a bit higher than on a 26er.

Now, the shorter the cranks are, the harder it is to freemount this way.
Most of short cranks adepts for 36er practice rolling mount which is basically running with the unicycle in front and jump on the first pedal at the right moment.

Do a Google video or Youtube search for “freemount 36 unicycle” and you will find a bunch of how to videos. Just takes a little practice and persistence.

Thanks guys. It does have short cranks compared to my 26".