friday night in Jagur's kitchen

i got my 48 hole UDC hub from today so its time to swap…

its a Torker DX 20" wheel, please excuse the crappy cam pix.

step one, take out nipples.




take out spokes


start building up the UDC hub


all done… 1 hour 26 minutes (48 spokes)


time to add another thing to my auctions…


looks good, is the UDC hub significantly stronger than the one you’re replacing?

no but that uni was only getting used for freestyle so i didnt need the extra weight or girth of a splind hub. my freestyle just lost about 4 pounds.

Will the DX wheelset fit onto a LX 24 frame?

i havent tryed it, but they look identical frame wise.

So, you were able to reuse the spokes?

yes, even though the udc hub flanges are alot wider it didnt matter and it went together perfectly…

it was close, if the flanges were any wider i would be tearing it apart and putting it back to the way it was. 3mm and all good.


sorry, wrong post - please ignore.

it would appear that you did a pretty good job of putting that wheel together. i know someone on this board will find more use out of your old parts. i look forward to the 26" wheel I bought from you…