Freewheel unicycling the Jim Green trail - Why Pedal?

This video shows one of the benefits of riding a freewheel unicycle which is not having to pedal when going downhill. I had a couple reasons for doing this video. I wanted to get one with my current setup which includes a Nimbus Oracle frame and 114m Nimbus Venture pedals. I also wanted to get a record of my foot-down coasting position. This gives me the most leverage against the unicycle but requires a particular body orientation to absorb off balancing forces. Now I’m planning on working on a level-pedals coasting position. This is more difficult to balance in general but goes along with a body orientation that’s easier to maintain. For foot-down there’s a point at which a decline can be too steep to maintain a proper angulation posture.

WOW, Very impressive! You’re making it look more natural with a lot less visible body english. Very good job.


That looks like fun but also very HARD!!! Good job.

Wow, you’re really improving your skill. Good job!

WOW! I think I might have to try that. What hub are you using?

Nimbus Drift Trike hub (this is the Disc version). Currently in stock at UDC Canada.