Freewheel unicycle

jeeesus, can you ride that? i seriously can’t even imagine riding it, you’d be in such a weird position and everything.

I had a dream last night that I was riding something like that “killer”. It was made from a mountainbike and it was yellow. Some guy was riding it around a grassy field and asked if I wanted to try it (he didnt know that I could ride a unicycle). So I got onto it and started riding down the field. The dream was so realistic that when I stopped pedaling and the wheel started freewheeling, I could feel the wind in my face and the dew from the grass being kicked up onto my legs. I hopped off the moutainbike-turned-unicycle, turned around, and saw a really tall giraffe with two sets of pedals; one set around 6ft and one around 12ft.

That wasnt my first dream about coasting on a unicycle either…

I still can’t coast more than 2ft though :roll_eyes:

yes I can ride it.

when i see the “killer” as you so affectionately call it…i just cringe at how awkward it must be to ride

that “killer” uni is crazy as freddy!!
it looks akward as ahaha, i bet u get alot of odd stares from ppl.
it looks like it was a homemade experiment ahaha :wink: :slight_smile:

ive had and idea for along time of makeing almost a set of ratcheting cranks for a standard square tapered spindle but i dont have the resourses

Yes, impossible. So is riding stand-on-seat. Now THAT is a trick that nobody will ever learn how to do. Absolutely no way.

People have riddin standin on their seat in the koxx freestyle vid. Instead of a seat they had a plank of wood

That would be REALLY weird to ride. Not only freewheeling but each crank freewheeling independently!

it is a homemade experiment :roll_eyes:

Yeah, you must not have seen the Julien freestyle video.

Wow, just wow.
Coasting on the seat!


He was being sarcastic.

Who was?


do you have a video of killer in action

i will try to make one by myself

Hi everyone. This is my first post on this site. I just did a search to see if anyone else has ever heard of a freewheel unicycle. I made one myself around 18 years ago because of a dream i my cousin had about coasting on his unicycle. I went to a bike shop to see about getting one made and they told me it was impossible to have a freewheel mechanism on the same axel as the pedals. I didn’t agree so i designed the parts myself. I put a hand brake on the wheel with a cable for a hand brake. It proved to be really hard to ride lol. The farthest distance i got was only a couple of hundred feet.

I noticed others here talking about freewheel unicycles and am wonder if anyone can tell me how long it has been in existance and if they have perfected riding them. All this time i thought i had the only one.

Im sorta new at this to but I believe that Unibiker was one of the first people to ride a unicycle with a freewheel but his ride was a modified bike so the free-wheel and petals were not on the same axle. Sadly Unibiker is no longer with us.

sorry to hear that. I was mistaken before when i said i made my freewheeler 18 years ago. It was more like 20 years. I am still wondering if i was the first ever to ride freewheel… It has been sitting in my basement for many years. It now has a flat and the brake with the cable and handle are missing. I made the axel by taking 2 bike sprockets and placing them so they spun the same direction. Then welded plates with holes to the sprockets for the spokes. I plan to fix it up and master it this summer lol. I am near Toronto Canada if anyone is interested in giving it a try when I get it fixed up. But be warned, it is a real b**ch to try and ride.

I think a unicycle which might be possible to make into a freewheel, would be a giraffe. Cause of the fact it has a chain, just like a bike does. So would that work by any chance??

It would, youd just not want to have it all that tall.

It’s in the k1 roadtrip 05 freestyle vid and it’s the best trick i’ve ever seen.

So amazing!:slight_smile: