i want to do a bit of both freestyle and muni but am too cheap right know to get both, is there a uni that could do both? but then later on just use it for one or the other and the the other type, and also i have another question. what are some good freestyle uni’s and what should i look for in one?
thakns to anyone who replys

I think it would be hard to find a muni and freestyle uni. A muni unicycle is usually (not always) has a bigger tire like a 24" or 26". They also usually have fat tires like 3" or so. A freestyle uni is total different because they are usually 20" and have a skinnier tire (1.85 or 2.15?). You could get a trials uni and then ride trials, some muni, and freestyle with it.

A MUni and a freestyle uni are pretty much polar opposites, sadly. The freestyle uni generally has a smaller (less comfortable? :wink: ) seat, incredibly high pressure tire, generally thin, usually over 80psi for insane manoeuverability, flat crowned frames, and cottered cranks, which are usually near the shorter end of the scale.

A MUni usually has a low-pressure tire, ultracomfy seat, longish splined cranks, and is built to take the abuse moreso than a freestyle uni is.

If you’re not getting into terribly advanced stuff from either side of the fence, you could probably make do with the current Torker DX, and not have any problems. After a while you’re gonna end up buying a specialized uni for each purpose though, guaranteed. :smiley:

What unicycle do you have right now? My suggestion is to skip the compromisecycle, and get yourself either a really good freestyle unicycle, or a really good MUni. Depending on your priorities, you might want to consider getting the MUni first, because although you can do most freestyle on a 24" square-forked MUni, you can’t properly do any MUni on a good freestyle unicycle. If you do want a unicycle that should work for both, get something like the Nimbus II 24", or the Nimbus X, and change to an off-road tire whenever you feel like MUni. I ride freestyle on the Nimbus II 24", and it works pretty well for me, and I’m sure you could do lots of light off-road stuff if you changed the tire.