Freestyle Unicycling Video

Enjoy the movie. Hey does anyone have advice on uploading to, because I cant get this movie to go.

wow awesome vid

It’s like a mix between freestyle and flat; with the crank rolls, unispins and such.

Maybe you call it “Freeland” or “Flatstyle”, or some other combination. :stuck_out_tongue:


Amazing. How long have you been riding?

Whoa, that was crazy smooth. You seem like you could start to incorporate more freestyle into your flat combos. That would be nice to see. Keep it up man, you’re insane!


Amazing riding. Your skills are insane. You’re bustin’ tricks half of us wish we could do. Awesome.

matt your so hot :wink: i <3 all your videos

So clean at flatland!

Matt is amazing!

Matt is my Idol. That was amazing. So many trick sI wanna learn!

Wow !!! Amazing skills… so many variations of wheel walking. Great video, enjoyed watching it :slight_smile:

That was amazing, so smooth and stylish!

1 word!


wow :astonished: this vid is awesome!

Verry impressive :astonished: :smiley:

I noticed 7 tricks I’ve never seen before:D
0:19, 0:25(crank-coast), 0:33, 0:56(360 to tire), 1:06, 1:16, 2:24


hey this is the link to vimeo



Brilliant, just brilliant riding skills!
You could get by without pedals…