Freestyle Unicycle

replace every koxx part for kris holm parts?

ahaha I guess getting a longneck kh08 or double crown or black domina II, but really if your just doing basic stuff I’m pretty sure you’re just picking a unicycle for looks :wink:

well this is the only uni I can find that is a good all rounder…

I would have to disagree with that one. That uni as far as I know would probably be half way decent for flat. It would be good for just starting out with legwraps and stuff, and would stand up to rolling wraps and stuff for sure.

The 07 KH frame is not all that good for flat as far as I know. I was told that it has a high stress point just above the crown, putting stress on the frame during varial rolls and such. Not too sure about the new model though… I’m sure the longneck will withstand it.


The 2008 KH frames should withstand everything much better, as the neck has been butted and is therefor much thicker than the 08 models. Also, the tire clearance has been reduced to hug the tire much better. The long neck is also nice.

I highly recommend the new 2008 KH line-up.

i have a koxx one flight green and for me it´s very good.i have bought new cranks and now i can do nearly all tricks with it.street,flat,trials and also freestyle (not spins and so on) but basic tricks are no problem :wink:


Ok now i’ll get the nimbus X frame and wheelset!

^^^ ok don’t read that post^^^

What is the best freestyle upgrades that I can buy in