Freestyle Unicycle

Hi every one

I’ve mastered the unicycle and am leaning towards freestyle. I want to get a new freestyle/flat unicycle. Probably under $400. I’m only learning freestyle so I don’t want an expert unicycle. (I like koxx one, but wouldn’t mind if it is not!)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Why not an expert freestyle unicycle?
I would recoment you something like this: but it is from germany maybe a shop in your country has something similar.

Do all freestyle unis have extremely long frames, because it looks a little weird!

Its so when you are doing stand up tricks
the clamp doesnt get in the way.
Pretty important whilst doing free style and flat.

What’s your budget 1wheel???

I could help considering that i’m from Australia. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love it when people claim to have ‘mastered’ the unicycle. i personally think of it as a life long friend and souce of challenge and joy, rather than something I ‘master’.


if you can’t get a frame like this(from the shop already posted)

then a decent enough freestyle frame is the Nimbus X longneck.
I occasionally slip off doing stand up stuff if I wear the common shoe design that’s really not designed for grip in the center of the shoe, but it’s functional(my new shoes are aggravating that way-they taper downwards and have this slick plastic surface in just the wrong spot)
Skate shoes might be in order.

EDIT: I actually like the new nimbus X better then the nimbus x flattop…the old one actually has LESS room to stand on despite being, well, flat.


when I meen mastered I mean can ride and do basic skills

Here’s my freestyle uni.

You can see the flame design I’m going to paint on it on the pallet in the background. The one in the middle that’s partially obscured by the seatpost tube is the cleanest, mostly because that’s the one I didn’t try to fade outward a bit :roll_eyes:
The design on the orange is covered in footprint dust(hey, it’s still a pallet, right? :p)

I’m currently waiting for the paint to fully set.
Off to go post this in the “post your unicycles here” thread.

nice tyre

hey what about a pink lady? (ps. It’ll be on hopefully)

It doesnt really matter for freestyle. As long as it has a big flat crown its pretty much ok. I would get a Torker Lx with a different tire or maybe the Nimbus X. Theres no need spending all that dough on just a freestyle. Its not like they have to be strong.

ok, is there any all rounder unicycles?

I’ll take that as a no…

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I do everything on my unicycle, trials, street, flat and freestyle. I think each style is easier to learn with a unicycle specific to that style though. If you want to get an all round unicycle just get a trials unicycle IMO.

What is IMO

And I was thinking of getting a K1 flight green.

In My Opinion. :smiley:

thanks hazmat, #1 fan!

The KH 08 frame is actually pretty good for freestyle. I haven’t tried out the double crown yet, but that looks even better(and Spencer likes it :roll_eyes: )
If you want a true all-rounder you may have to trade out a few parts. i.e.; shorter cranks, a shaved tire, etc.

what parts could you get to make to k1 flight green a bit better for flat?