Freestyle Unicycle: QU-AX Profi PEAK

A year and a half has passed since the launch of this model. Are there any real customer reviews? Did any of the freestylers switch to this model? Who thinks about the comparison of this model with the Eclipse / Equinox?

I am thinking about buying a freestyle unicycle, and I cannot finally decide on the choice of a model.

I haven’t seen any of these around - I don’t know if that is because no one has bought them, or because there haven’t been many events here in the past 1.5 years, so I don’t get to see a lot of unicycles. I’d be very curious to try one too, they look like a good design.
The current favourite unicycle among freestyle riders are the mad4one freestyle unicycles, which I have tried and liked a lot. There is nothing wrong with Nimbus eclipses, but I find the square tube of the mad4one just a little bit nicer to stand on. I also prefer the more “traditional” seat on the Mad4ones, but that may be just because I’m more used to those.


+1 for @MAD4ONE. best quality and craftsmanship, and you get to build yours up in whatever color you want


One of the things I like about Mad4One is how you have a choice of many different parts and colors. You get to choose which pedals, tires, saddle, cranks, seat clamp, whether the rim has holes in it and of course what colors you want. About the only thing I feel the need to upgrade on a M41 unicycle are the pedals and that’s just because I have freakishly wide feet.

Obviously there won’t be as many choices on a freestyle uni, but the quality is top notch too.


Thank you for your comments.

Funnily enough - before you told me to think about Mad4One - I did not consider this brand at all, since it is not in online stores. I thought “since these unics are not in online stores, then this is some kind of low-quality brand.” Now, having gone to their website, I realized that the absence of Mad4One in stores is a kind of vision of a manufacturer who prefers direct sale.

After reading about these unics and watching various videos, I come to the conclusion that I will probably buy the Mad4One.

the only thing that confuses me is that I don’t really like how their crown looks with these round “anti-friction” holes. I found a much nicer crown on their website, but, as I understand it, they decided not to release such crowns for some reason.

If there are those here who ride the Mad4One freestyle unics, tell us what do you think about these round holes on the crown, and how do you feel about using them?

Mad4One :upside_down_face:

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Apparently they tried a lot of shapes, and the holes were the best ones to stand on. I think it’s mostly the square profile, but they really are the nicest frame to have your feet on in my opinion - I haven’t felt the hole under my foot at all, but maybe it does indeed give some extra grip.

I’ve never found it to be bad looking, but that is just my taste.

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That crown was nice but require a lot of CNC time (money).

Anyhow we made many test of all parts.
The crown with the logo do not offer enough grip.
The line on the border make too much grip during wheel walking on stand-up or gliding.

The grip on the crown is one of the most important detail in a freestyle unicycle, the best grip is when you feel safe but also free to move the foot with fast and precise movement.
We found that the false hole is the best solution for it and all riders confirm the feeling “safe but not stuck”.
We are proud of all little details that makes unique our unicycles.


Before I was advised M4O in this topic, I did not think about the unicycles of this company, since they are not sold in popular online stores. Thanks for the good advice :wink:

As a result, I bought myself an M4O